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We Self-organize…And, Self-heal

Who taught us how to see the world? Parents? Teachers? No one did! Our brains automatically organize our experiences. Others only teach us how to name what we see. Those of us who have experience with children know that an infant goes through a period of “wassits”. They point to something and ask us what it is. We name what it is and they repeat it until that name becomes associated with what they’re already seeing. The point is: the object that they’ve pointed to has already been organized. It is what our neo-cortex does…it organizes information…automatically.

Traumatic experience interferes with this natural process. Our nervous system blocks (dissociates) this kind of information from the neo-cortex. But…the dissociated pieces continue to exist in a dynamic, dis-organized state in the primitive, defense-related part of our nervous system, where they keep activating and creating uncontrollable fear responses within us. Because of this chronic condition, we manifest disordered behaviors. The chronic condition can be naturally reversed through a process that utilizes a homeopathic principle:

When a toxic level of a substance makes you ill, small doses of that same substance will stimulate the healing of the illness.

Trauma is a toxic overdose of painful experience. Healing from the effects of trauma involves helping the victim introduce small doses of the traumatic experience to consciousness. These small doses stimulate the healing process. And “once the healing process begins, it is best to do nothing more but let the process continue in its own way”. (1)

(1) Pullaro, J (2005). Fear Memory Integration: A natural health alternative to conventional psychotherapy. Iuniverse, Nebraska., pp 36-38.

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