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My Encounter With Autoimmune Disorder…(Part 2)

It has been 2 months since I made my initial report on my encounter with MG.  During this time I’ve been following the program described in part one.  And, I’ve received a laboratory analysis of my gut biome.  As I write this follow-up, I am one week into the final phase of the program…taking pre- and probiotics to restore the balance of my gut biome.

The lab results confirmed the research I found, which correlated MG with a decrease in gut bacteria that produce short chain fatty acids.  My lab results showed a significant decrease in these gut bacteria, as well as a low level of short chain fatty acid production.  The lab formulated probiotics that will help to correct this specific gut dysbiosis and has shipped them to me.  As I stated in part one:

“Studies show that gut biome depletion (dysbiosis) can cause imbalance in immune function.  MG is associated with the reduction in Clostridia [1] in the gut microbiota and the subsequent decrease of short chain fatty acid production [2], as well as decreased levels of the immunomodulatory Tregs cells [3].  Short chain fatty acids are involved in the manufacture of Tregs cells.  These cells have a role in modulating the amounts of acetylcholine receptor antibodies[4].  These are the antibodies that attack the muscle receptors, which causes muscular problems.   Therefore, a regrowth of clostridia should increase SCFA and Tregs cell production.  This would have a therapeutic effect on the symptoms of MG.  Studies have shown a decrease in symptoms, using this process.”  

Again, I am following this naturopathic guideline: 

“To regain health once it has been lost we need to begin to reverse some, and ideally all, of those processes which may be negatively impacting us, and over which we have some degree of control.”  

In my case, this involves taking probiotics that will repopulate the gut bacteria that ferment short chain fatty acids from roughage.  This will increase SCFA production.  This will, in turn, help to increase the population of Tregs cells.  This, finally, will help to cut down on the generation of the immune cells that are attacking my muscle receptors, causing the muscular fatigue symptoms associated with MG.

Now we’ll see how my experiment progresses….


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