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      Introducing a unique opportunity to learn about the emotional healing skills of Fear Memory Integration (FMI).    FMI is my interpretation of Primal Therapy.   It was developed out of personal therapy at Arthur Janov’s Primal Center.  From there I completed therapist training in Canada and became the first person to be awarded the International Primal Association’s Primal Integration Educator Certification.    After doing extensive research in the areas of fear conditioning and post-traumatic stress disorder, I wrote a doctoral thesis on Primal Therapy.   This thesis was later published as the book Fear Memory Integration.  I’ve been teaching these skills to clients for over 15 years.


 It’s a natural health skill.  And, as such, can be learned by anyone possessing a strong intention to heal themselves from the disabling effects of anxiety-related emotional behaviors, chronic anger, and ordinary depression.

I’m now offering an affordable natural health course that is four levels deep.  Each level is self-contained, allowing you the freedom to experience this emotional healing modality as deeply as you wish.  

Level 1:  You’ll receive my book   The  appendix will give you a basic understanding of the FMI process.  In it, you’ll learn basic concepts and be able to directly reference notes and quotes from scientists whose work supports and informs my practice. 

Level 2:  Access to me on Skype for a discussion of the level 1 materials.  I will answer your questions, refer you to important readings, and expand upon the concepts that interest you.  You can also ask me questions regarding Level 3. 

Level 3:  Book personal training with me.   Get private tutoring of the FMI skills.  Learn how to apply these skills to your personal emotional healing journey. 


Level 4:  People who have made it through Levels 1-3 and have acquired sufficient skills themselves will be offered the opportunity to learn the facilitation skills necessary to pass those skills on to others.  You will be awarded a Certificate of Training upon completion of this level. 


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