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        Before I found Jim, my anxiety was at an all time high.   I had become afraid of people in general and especially afraid to allow myself to be vulnerable with others.   I was nauseous almost all the time and had not cried in 3 years.   I had accumulated so many painful, traumatic incidents as a teenager and young adult that repression had become my way of life.   Unfortunately, it was no longer working for me and I knew it was time to remove some of the pain.   I had tried other therapies but none of them yielded lasting results because they did not reach the root cause of my pain.  Talking about a problem or experience only gets you so far.   Jim’s work took me to the next level of what I needed to heal and become whole again.   When I had my first primal , I woke up the next morning, feeling energized and overwhelmed with joy!   Once I experienced such powerful healing, I was committed to the process!   It was a struggle for me to let my guard down but Jim provided a safe, sacred place to do this work.   I felt that I could trust him.   Here are some of the lasting effects of the work: my anxiety levels have returned to "normal" and I am no longer nauseous all the time.   What a relief it is to be able to cry again!   I am joyful and playful and I love more deeply than most people I know!   My life and relationships are so much better today thanks to the hard work I did with my friend, Jim Pullaro.   He is a great person and an amazing guide.   I urge you to do yourself a favor and give it a try. I am so glad I did!!!  … Heather G. 

Jim's note:    Heather and I worked together about 13 years ago.      In a recent conversation that she and I had, she asked me to make this addition to the above testimonial:   "I will never forget how I felt this constant deep internal shaking inside-so much more than just typical anxiety-when I first came to you.  And our work together made that go away quite quickly.   I don't know how I could have survived without having done this work.   That feeling was becoming unbearable.   13 years later, I still have lasting results!"    

The results  achieved with this work are lasting,  because the cause of the problem was addressed...the fear memory.




          I saw Jim for several months, to help me deal with the effects of childhood sexual abuse.   Although I was having flashbacks, much of the trauma was hidden/frozen in my body.   During my work with Jim, I was able to retrieve these toxic body-memories and release them.   Being a male sexual abuse survivor, I had major trust issues, especially with other men.   However, Jim created a very safe, therapeutic space in which I was able to begin healing.   His warm, empathetic and supportive manner enabled me to trust him and his process.  Since my therapeutic work with Jim, I am much more relaxed, my body feels looser, and I have a pronounced reduction in my stress and anxiety.   Most importantly, my depression has decreased and I feel more alive.   I am extremely grateful to Jim for all his help and I highly recommend him!  … Don C.



          Since working with Jim, my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder symptoms have decreased by about 75%.  It has been over a year now, and this change is holding.   I feel like I’m getting closer to having a healthy relationship, and my relationship with food is better, thanks to the work I did with him.   Our time together was a unique and precious gift.  I don’t take it lightly.   It has helped to save and transform my life, my heart, and my soul.   I feel like a different person now.   And I have a deep respect and gratitude for the work Jim has to offer.  … Dylan L.




          Having an abusive drug addicted and alcoholic father and a mother who could not remove herself from him or the relationship, my childhood was filled with abuse, abandonment, fear and trauma, which was carried into my adult life.   Every relationship that was formed (male or female) had a profound effect on me, due to the fact that my anger and rage towards my father, and the sadness of not receiving what I need from him, took shape within them.   As a result, many contaminated relationships were fostered, which stemmed from my own repressed feelings.   I was introduced to Jim in 2003 and started working with him that year.   My work with Jim has continued and has been as recent as the Autumn of 2014.   Working with Jim allowed the anxiety, sadness, despair and rage, which was locked within my body, to be released.   Jim not only guided and supported me with our work, but also has been a mentor of mine since 2003.  This work has allowed me to foster and maintain healthy relationships, and to know when I am reacting from a wounded area within me and to know when I need to do more work on myself.  This has allowed me to gain insight into my family of origin, as well as into my own trauma(s).  Without the love and support of Jim, I would not have ever been able to achieve this rare and precious part of myself.  I will be forever grateful for Jim’s understanding, support, strength and love.  … Corey T.



          Jim and I met in 2005 at a workshop.   I read his book Fear Memory Integration and helped him get it translated into German.   In 2014, I stayed at his house for a month, during which I did an “intensive” with him.   My intensive consisted of 5 sessions a week, for 4 weeks.   Prior to this, I had completed an extensive work project, which left me feeling burnt out and rather numb to my feelings.   So, before starting my next project, I decided that I needed to reconnect to my feelings once again.   Jim’s work presents the opportunity to move away from conventional talk therapy, which involves living in your head.   Rather, there is a lot of silence in which you begin to listen to the “feelings” that exist as body sensations.  These sensations are what lie beneath and generate our emotional behaviors.   Attending to these feelings and expressing them helped me to feel more in touch with my true inner compass.   Jim patiently and skillfully supported me in each session.   I praise Jim for his lasting steadfastness and conviction from which I have learnt that, yes, it’s all there – you ‘just’ have to reconnect to what your inherent wisdom, your felt sense of the body, wants to tell you.  I can’t thank you enough for this, Jim! … Reinholdt R.

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