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Testing Janov's Claim That Primal Therapy Makes Measurable And Normalizing Physical Changes.

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain. It can track and record brain wave patterns. Brain cells communicate with each other through electrical impulses. An EEG can be used to help detect potential problems associated with this activity. Janov’s team used this tool to track changes in brain activity before and after primal therapy. He presented his findings in 1996. (1) These studies have been reported in the UCLA Brain Research Bulletin and in Acta Scandinavia. He was even using “real time” brainwave testing on his patients during therapy. Yet, even though conventional psychotherapy has demanded “objectively verifiable data” none of these studies are referenced in their literature. Why this lack of scientific curiosity? And, what does this community present as their “objectively verifiable data” to the insurance companies when they bill them for their services?

I used my doctoral degree practicum to conduct a test of Janov’s claims using stress testing before and after therapy on 3 of my clients. The method, materials, and results are presented in my book. (2)

(1) Janov, A., Why You Get Sick; How You Get Well, Dove Books, California, 1996. Appendix C, Page 277. (2) Pullaro, J., Fear Memory Integration: A Natural Health Alternative to Conventional Psychotherapy., iUniverse, Nebraska, 2005. PP 75 & 76.

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