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Facilitating Primal Therapy...A Foreward

Before I present a series of blogs on the topic of primal facilitation, I’d like to express my indebtedness to retired Canadian Psychotherapist Paul Vereshack. In the 1990’s, I did some work with him. In preparation, I studied his book. He is the only primal oriented therapist I know of who freely wrote about how to use primal techniques. And, he did so in ordinary language… understandable to the general public.

These blogs, as well as my practice, rely heavily on information that I acquired in his book Psychotherapy of the Deepest Self. Upon his retirement, Paul placed his book on line, making it free to everyone. The blogs that I am now preparing are my way of paying his gift forward.

I am presenting his techniques through the lens of my interpretation of primal therapy. I have no idea if he agrees with this interpretation. I do know that he was interested in ways to offer a less “intense” version of primal therapy. This has been my dream for almost 30 years. My intensive work at Arthur Janov’s Primal Center really improved my life and provided me with the emotional freedom to achieve the things that I’d dreamed of doing.

Primal Therapy is a naturopathic way to achieve sound emotional health. And it’s main hypothesis about the “Imprint” or “imprinted pain” can be best understood when examined through the lens of fear conditioning. I think of my version, Fear Memory Integration, as being an energy medicine akin to Reki, acupressure, acupuncture, yoga, and T’ai Chi.

As with any other natural health practice, the process of Fear Memory Integration requires determination and a sustained effort, to acquire its health benefits.

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Facilitating Primal Therapy

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