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Donald Trump and Daddy Issues

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Yesterday Eve I

Primalled Trump,Thereby Screaming

I Hate You Daddy!

It is now a matter of record that our government, at the highest levels, colluded to destroy our president. We wait for indictments of officials of the Obama administration over this. Given the corruption of Washington DC, our courts, and our press, who knows what the final results will be.

All of this occurred while the president was being examined for his supposed criminality. None was proven, after four years of merciless probing that would have destroyed anyone else in Washington.

Why all of this attention to the president’s personality? When the important issue is that the American government was subverted in an effort to destroy a man who had every right to run for the presidency, and successfully did? This seems to me to be reflective of very shallow thinking on the part of educated people. Why this inability to think above personality to substantive issues? Is it lack of information? Possibly, since our corrupt press will not give both sides of the story. Is it a defense mechanism? You can’t afford, emotionally, to be wrong on anything to which you are wedded, regardless of the facts? Probably. Is it daddy issues?

I’d expect this kind of shallow thinking if it was coming from a drunk in a bar. But it’s coming from educated people. What is the value of education if your thinking cannot rise above the barroom level?

I welcome an honest conversation from anyone on this. I ask only one thing. That you look at things you don’t wish to look at. In other words, that you use your education to rise above your prejudices.

It’s one thing to hate someone because you don’t like his personality. It is quite another to completely ignore the corruption of government officials who used their powers, illegally, to try and take him down. This second thing directly effects the welfare of all of the citizens of this country.

To those of us who support Trump he represents an heroic attempt to save our government. It’s an ugly and disturbing process, I agree…but a necessary one.

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