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About Me

I am a retired construction manager who has been providing Primal Therapy coaching to clients for 20 years. 


I completed over 120 hours of my own personal Primal Therapy at ...


                            Arthur Janov's Primal Center. 


Later I completed 300 hours of supervised therapist training in Canada.  The International Primal Association honored me with its first Primal Integration Educator Certification.  

I've also been involved in men's groups, graduated from a men's leadership training program, and have done a personal vision fast.  I consider the spiritual work that is being done in men's groups to be an important part of my training as a primal coach.


Primal Therapy greatly improved the quality of my life.  So I wanted to understand why.  My quest resulted in a doctoral dissertation and, a book: 


                                             Fear Memory Integration

Primal Therapy is a powerful and misunderstood form of emotional healing.  It is  naturopathic healing because it directly address the cause of emotional disturbance...the conditioned fear memory or imprint.

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